Vector for iPhone App Reviews

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I bought this and still I got an ad

I literally just started the app up and immediately I get an ad.


As a freerunner, this really captures the fun thrilling ideas of parkour!

The Best Parkour Game

This has to be one of the best parkour games ever!


This game is and has always been awesome


Great game, needs checkpoints though. I cant tell you how many times Ive failed to drop down the hole with your teammate in 1-11. Please add checkpoints.

Bad cause of ads

Very good game but i paid for it and there should be no long ads all the time


Very good

Vector issue

Could you please allow us to listen to our own music that we bought

Its good

Not much to say. Games good. It could use improvement in some areas but overall its a great game.

Play free

I cant for the life of me figure out the difference between the free version and this. Same gameplay, same mechanics and unlocks, and same unskippable ads. Seriously, bought this hoping that it might be a "premium version" w/o advertisements, and got stuck watching an ad before I saw a second of gameplay. Just play the free version, dont waste money.

Best parkor game

Their are no bad thing



Why are there still ads!

I had the free version, but I got sick of the ads. Thinking that if I bought the paid version I would not have to watch any ads I spent the $0.99. It is very annoying that the getting the paid version didnt get rid of the ads.

No No No

I couldnt find anything different or new in the paid game than in the free one. Can any1 tell me what it is?

Great game

This is an amazing game. Highly recommend

Rtf guy


Good game

This is a good boredom buster


This, this is a amazing game. But why cant you listen to your own music? Is that such a problem now-a-days?

Waste of Money

Vector is a game where you have to get the right timing for everything and the very best there ever was. This was such a waste of my money because I had to do reruns over and over of levels that were just the beginning.

Please add the sequel

Ive had this game for 3+ years now and I beat the game pretty quickly, yet I still can enjoy playing it whenever. There are very few glitches, only the very last level you can get over a million points and I keep having to re-download the graphics pack for technology park, but it is still one of my favorite games. Please add the "to be continued" story.

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